Monday, September 21, 2009

Ian Brown's way


IT'S ALMOST sacrilege to talk down Ian Brown.
After all the monkey-faced legend not only fronted The Stone Roses, who practically invented the 1990s music scene, but he also has crafted solo albums to match his former outfit's output.
However he's had a greatest hits album out before - The Greatest - and there's very little here on his new album My Way that would command a place on that album.
Stellify at a push would get on, but the rest is Brown by numbers.
Now there's nothing wrong with that, but maybe he's done it his way for long enough now.


  1. can you post the album here?

  2. have you actually heard the album because from your review i would say the answer is NO.

  3. Each and every track on this album is outstanding and as an album i rackon it's a contender to be his best work yet!Maybe if you turned off kylie and mika for a while and let you ears readjust you may be able to appreciate great music once more.

  4. The person who wrote this view is an idiot, not even worth writing, not even a proper review doesnt mention anythings thats on the album, having heard the album it dwarfs anything he has done previously, igonore the idiot that wrote this he hasnt even bothered to mention any of the material on there. His best work yet, to any one who likes ian brown, this is the one...

  5. Give us a one-track review of say, Vanity Kills.
    Or you haven't even heard it.

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  7. Firstly, no, I can't post the album here, this is a legal blog.
    Secondly, I said it was almost sacrilege - but only almost.
    It is allowed.
    I have heard most of Mr Brown's back catalogue, and this just doesn't stand out, he's going through the motions.
    You're all entitled to your opinions, but it would be unfair for me to say I thought it was amazing, only for someone to go out and spend their hard earned cash and be as disappointed as I was when I listened to it.
    And for the record I have listened it, and to every other album and EP I have reviewed on this site.
    Really, I have.

  8. Plus, may I add, a quick Google of other reviews gave scores of 3/5 (Uncut), 6/10 (Clash) and 3/5 (Guardian).
    Hardly "his finest work to date" sorts of ratings.

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  10. I take your point, as in I haven't picked apart each track - but I believe the phrase "Brown by numbers" covers the album.
    This is just Ian Brown churning out his same old shtick - if you've heard him before, on any of his other solo work, you know whether or not this will appeal.
    And to both Matt and The Love Almighty, I value all contributions, and I'm sorry to do it, but I have had to delete your comments - I cannot have swearing on my site.


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