Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sea, it's all White


SONGS From The White Sea, the UK debut album by Swede John Alexander Ericson, is a real pleasure cruise.
The LP sees the singer songwriter, who also plays in bands Alberta Cross and Stjarna, sailing into uncharted territory, by combining indie rock with his first love, electronica.
The album was recorded solo by Ericson, and the results see his evocative Richard Ashcroft-esque vocals sitting atop muffled piano-based indie rock tunes delicately laced with computerised flecks.
Songs From The White Sea is an intimate and atmospheric album, and one well worth dipping into.


  1. Capsule review from my three-year-old daughter: "This is soft music, daddy."

  2. Grab a free track from the album here -


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