Saturday, November 21, 2009

2009 Catch-up - Have I got noose for you


HARDCORE punk band Gallows's second album Grey Britain, suggested as a possible Album Of The Year on the Facebook page, sees the group adding a splash of colour to their debut album's sound.
Don't get me wrong, Watford's Gallows are still the musical equivalent of having acid thrown in your eyes.
But where Orchestra Of Wolves was just angry and loud and raucous, Grey Britain has a focus.
Lyrical vitriol towards 'broken Britain' is matched by a musical expansiveness - as well as the group's established acerbic punk sound there are a surfeit of heavy metal dashes, acoustic guitars on the group's Stairway To Heaven, The Vulture (Acts I & II), and even piano and strings on album closer Crucif*$ks.
It's a thrilling progression, which promises as much as it delivers - you could say that with Grey Britain, Gallows are a band of hope and glory.

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