Saturday, November 07, 2009

Apse-a-lutely great


THE meandering musical meddling of American band Apse has found an individual feel on Climb Up, which should see them on the rise.
As you would expect from a group who have been lumped into genres as disparate as ambient, heavy metal, shoegaze and punk over the course of four EPs and a debut album, their sophomore release's sound is hard to pin down.
A dense, atmospheric, muscular mixture of trip hop, rock and folk, led by primal vocals and driving basslines, Climb Up is one worth picking up.


  1. Finally a review for this album that's accurate! Thank You!

    Such an amazing record and in my top albums of the year.

  2. Thanks, it'll not be in my top 10 of 2009, but Apse have definitely put together a great LP, one I enjoyed reviewing.
    I plan to to back to their debut at some point too.


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