Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wild waste


CATCH-up caught up, it's back to the everyday hum drum of having unreleased new music sent to me for free.
Ah well, mustn't grumble.
Then again...
Now perhaps unfairly, I made a dig at trans-atlantic trio Sparrow And The Workshop's six-track 'mini-album' Sleight Of Hand for being neither here nor there - not short enough yet not long enough.
But there can be no argument that, clocking in at just seven tracks and less than half an hour, their 'album' Into The Wild is not long enough.
Then again, with an alt-folk-meets-country sound so over-egged, maybe this is seven tracks too much...
It's not all bad - for example when they add a little Nick Cave-style rock to proceedings on Crossing Hearts.
But for the most part the sound is melodramatic, morose, and really not a lot of fun to listen to at all - Into The Wild? Into the bin, more like.

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