Sunday, November 01, 2009

Twinkranes in a zone of their own


DUBLIN dance act Twinkranes describe themselves as "a psychedelic power trio specializing in zone-out progressive pop musik".
And who am I to argue?
For the imaginatively-titled Spektrumtheatresnakes is made up of seven prog-rock-meets-dance freakouts that are summed up by that perfectly.
The collection is much along the same lines as Beak>'s recent Beak>, with a little more oomph but the same lack of direction.
This is music you can easily lose yourself in - it just sounds a bit like Anto, aka Blonde Fox, Rooster, and Ray, aka Auburn Spinner, may have done so themselves.


  1. It's a pretty intense sound indeed, the kind you need to get immersed into. "Lack of direction"? You may say so but melodies are not really what you should be looking for here,me it' s all a matter of repetition, tension and unpleasant trance. Pretty good to me!

  2. great album!!! defo going to see these guys live in 2010


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