Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Game for Olof?


ICELANDIC singer songwriter and Mum member Olof Arnalds crafts a soundscape as barren as the wilds of her homeland on Vid Og Vid.
Luckily this, her soon-to-be re-released 2007 debut, is a beautifully sparse folk collection which at times is also as breathtaking - such as on the rich Nattsongur.
Over the course of the full LP, her Joanna Newsom-meets-Bagpuss sound, coupled with the language barrier, can be heavy going.
But I still hope next year's sophomore Arnalds release, Okidoki, which as with this LP is being crafted alongside Sigur Ros's Kjarten Sveinsson, is more of the same - to try and make Olof Arnalds accessible would be like tarmacking the tundra.

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