Sunday, November 08, 2009

Memorising star


ONE-man band Memory Tapes, real name Dayve Hawk, is a name worth committing firmly to the old grey matter.
Seeks Magic, technically the group's debut album although it follows Hawk releases under the guise of Weird Tapes and Memory Cassette, gets a full release next week after a very limited run of CDs and coloured vinyls in August.
Hawk used to front punk band Hail Social, and accordingly his dance music has a distinct rock influence, although in Seeks Magic this is a gloriously hazy New Order sound.
The result is a sublime, subtle brand of dance, which is rather like having a rave in the fog.
● On the original run of CDs, there was a bonus disc which contained instrumental track Treeship.
Mr Hawk has been kind enough to release the bonus track for free, so click here to grab a copy.
He said: "It's about 20mins of new/original instrumental music... enjoy."

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