Thursday, November 12, 2009

Basement Jaxx under the hammer

BASEMENT Jaxx have lent their support to a charity art exhibition - by destroying their own portrait.
To celebrate Youth Music’s 10th Birthday, 70 of the world’s greatest musicians and visual artists - such as Kylie, Andre 3000 and U2 - have taken Rankin portraits of themselves and vandalised them for an exhibition and auction.
Former Loughborough schoolboy and one half of the group Felix Buxton said: "I started drawing various symbols for god, love, hate, infinity... then I took the picture to Simon, who started cutting away bits of his face.
"But Matt Maitland, who was designing our album artwork, told us we were being too reverential, and started adding new ‘Jaxx characters’, incorporating human and animal parts.
"What he did represents the Jaxx aesthetic, as our faces are all but removed, which is true when we create music – it doesn't focus on our personal images, and pulls in different characters, shapes, forms, dimensions, and isn't just human."
The artworks will be auctioned on November 14.

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