Friday, November 27, 2009

2009 Catch-up - IAMXcellent


IAMX, real name Chris Corner, and his 2009 album Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction was recommended on the Facebook page with the words "now THAT, THAT is an album of the year".
Now not being familiar with any of his solo work - but aware of him being a founding Sneaker Pimp - I welcomed the chance to be hooked by this, his third solo studio album.
And although I'll maybe hang back from declaring Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction one of my Albums Of The Year 2009, I will say it was a welcome suggestion.
Full of warm synth-driven electronica and thoughtful lyrics, the singer songwriter has bared his soul here.
It may not have me full-on addicted - but consider this his gateway album for me.


  1. I must say you are finally catching up!
    I concur though. The lyrics in this material are truly very smart and seriously passionate too.
    Glad you like it Mr Ashe, Sir.

  2. I know, slap my wrist for leaving it this long!


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