Monday, November 16, 2009

The Dutchess And The Duke royally disappointing


AFTER listening to The Dutchess And The Duke's second album Sunset/Sunrise, I can't help but thinking 'lighten up'.
I can best describe the group's sound as country, but with the blues - this is song after song of heartbroken folk and raw Americana with no relent.
With nerves exposed so close to the groups' surface, they never need to go deep with their music, which is definitely more Sunset than Sunrise on tracks like Let It Die.
And according to the press release, this album is "definitely more hopeful than the last record" - not being familiar that's hard to imagine, given the depressing dirge that the Seattle group's latest LP quickly becomes.


  1. you have an untterly awful taste in music.

  2. I'd say don't get upset, but if you're a fan of this album, you probably already are.


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