Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crimea X rated average


CRIMEA X play disco-flecked house music - if it was a house that just happened to have been built on the moon!
That's right, they play deep house - deep space house, that is!
In fact you could say that the Phoros EP is house music that's out of this world!
You get the idea.
The Italian dance outfit's debut, which is a meeting of minds between creators DJ Rocca and Jukka Reverberi of glam post-rock band Giardina di Miro, is a steady flow of house laced with piano and 1970s sci-fi sound effects they describe as "cosmic disco".
And backed by a set of Seaside Resort remixes - on the Sea Of Tranquility I'm guessing - there's more than enough here for an enjoyable short break to their hedonistic house world.
Spacious rather than insistent, while Phoros isn't exactly going where no dance act has gone before, you can rest assured that you'll be jetting off to a good place.

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