Monday, July 27, 2009

Stick In A Pot stuck in a rut

AS FAR as Stick In A Pot's debut EP When The Monsters Arrive is concerned - stick in a pot, and leave there.
The Brighton-based band's five track outing starts with a Jan Hammer-esque intro, Splinter, that really jars with the rest of the listing, before launching into two painfully plodding second rate indie tracks, Acclimatising and Plinky The Alien that sound like a sedated James.
With dodgy lyrics about beards and aliens, the whole affair smacks of a group that's trying just a bit too hard.
And when the tempo ups with Our Inert Inmate, it only goes to show that the tortuously-low beats per minute was the only thing that seperated them from the crowd.
Closing track Luterin (Victoria's Side Of The Story) is alright.

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