Monday, July 06, 2009

Kong kings


MANCHESTER trio Kong, who sound like a spinosaurus tearing through Middlesbrough with predictably madcap results, are a strange beast.
Ferocious in their approach to making music on debut album Snake Magnet, they rip the still-beating heart out of traditional straightforward punk, before toying with it like deranged madmen.
Although the order of the day is brutal punk, there's an almost prog rock-like amounts of changes and shifts within songs, as well as extended electronic freakouts such as on Good Graphics.
But the group go so far with their art, the results are at times rendered incoherent - and I must confess I was at first unsure whether to love it or hate it.
But then I thought to myself, would I listen to it again? And I would, extremely loud, whilst drunk - and I don't believe endorsements can come much more ringing than that.
● You can pick up a copy of the track Sport as a free download here.

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