Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures provide backdrop

FORMER Hefner frontman Darren Hayman has put out a new live LP recorded with Wymeswold band The Wave Pictures.
Madrid was recorded by a technician unknown to the singer and band at a gig in Madrid in 2007.
The 12-track release also features one Hayman track, The Genesis Rock, that is previously unreleased.
Hayman said: "
I had a tour to do in Spain and Sweden and because they were Hefner fans I thought I could get them to be my band for cheap.
"They said 'yes'. The tour certainly had its ups and downs. Hard drives, some sparse gigs.
"They made me feel old, with their energy and optimism.
"One night I was watching their set and I realised that they were really, really good.
"This show was recorded by the desk engineer on the Madrid show of that tour, a happy accident. It has its faults, that's why it's cheap."
To order a copy click here.

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