Sunday, July 26, 2009

Franky panky


TO BE Frankmusik must be a lot of fun.
His debut album, Complete Me, is a turbocharged collection of synth pop that is bouncier than a spring made from jelly.
The dancey backing tracks sound like Erasure on steroids, while Frankmusik - real name Vincent Frank - sings over the top like a straight-laced Mika.
When it's good, it's pure pop perfection.
The problem is for every gold-plated track, there's two that have been soaked in cheese, and as a result the LP is inconsistant.
But it matters not.
The Stranglers-sampling When You're Around, In Step, Three Little Words, Better Off As Two - if there's any justice, Frankmusik should have complete chart domination with Complete Me.

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