Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Token Four - Look out for The Invisible


MIXING the ecleticism of jazz with elements of alt-rock, electronica, soul, funk and countless others, supergroup The Invisible's self-titled album is not one to be overlooked likely.
The work of jazz singer Dave Okumu, Polar Bear bassist Tom Herbert and Hot Chip drummer Leo Taylor, The Invisible is as hard to pin down as Hacksaw Jim Duggan.
The group have been labelled as a British TV On The Radio - imagine if you nobbled Bloc Party and Prince with horse tranquilisers, tied them all up in a big sack, and threw said sack into a canal, you'd be halfway there.
As a result the LP, released back in March to little fanfare, is probably too far removed from trad jazz to constitute a token inclusion - but in a few hours we'll find out...

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