Monday, May 17, 2010

Blues Explosion bang on


BOOMBOXES at the ready - Dirty Shirt Rock 'N' Roll, the first attempt to condense the freewheeling talent of early Jon Spencer Blues Explosion recordings into a best-of, bursts into stores from Monday.
And anyone currently enjoying the likes of The Dead Weather or The Black Keys's superb recent LPs who's not had the pleasure of Jon Spencer and his $17 guitar ought to spare a minute to listen to the band that lit the touchpaper and blew apart the blues two decades ago.
Almost disrespectfully rough around the edges, the band forcefeed the blues with overdriven punk and garage rock to craft a raw, scuzzy, primal sound.
If a drunken Elvis had fronted The Stooges, they'd have sounded a lot like this - and who wouldn't have wanted to see that.

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