Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We Are The World a global disaster


DESPITE sharing a name with a massive 1980s benefit single, We Are The World didn’t leave me feeling very charitable.
The LA group’s LP Clay Stones instrumentally is worthy - with consistency demonstrated over 10 sturdy, stomping dance tracks laced with pulsating electronica-rock-hip hop not dissimilar to an Americanised These New Puritans.
If they’d kept it instrumental, I’d be swayed by the likes of Goya Monster and Lord Have Ass.
But vocally the group are plain irritating, so it's all ruined for me.
There’s a love of vocal effects which is a bit grating, but the main problem is the lead is provided by a vocalist who sounds like someone doing a really bad impression of Kelis - and I hate it so much right now.

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