Friday, May 14, 2010

Thom's up


ON MERCHANTS And Thieves, Scot Sandi Thom has begged, borrowed or stolen a new sound from somewhere.
Because all of a sudden, the once pop-folk singer - who most famously wished she was a punk rocker with flowers in her hair - has transformed into a rockin' country blues singer.
It's quite a departure, and undoubtedly an improvement - although to be honest an hour of gargling syrup while being poked in the sides would be on a par with listening her previous work.
No wonder she's got the blues.
So although a little trite and very Sheryl Crow in places, with a little help from the likes of Joe Bonamassa this is a sturdy effort which sees Thom making steps to prove herself after seemingly getting off on completely the wrong foot with the record-buying public.


  1. Alright. Just to let you know clicking on the link to Goaltastic takes you to Dave's travel blog instead!
    Have a good weekend

  2. Yeah, I think it's because there's no posts on it at the mo. Will sort it, cheers Rich.

  3. Conner Mcnally14 May 2010 at 11:25

    The whole album is so contrived, its like she has gone for the Bonamassa audience and thrown every cliche in the book in there , or evey note in what she perceives as a blues album at least.
    This album aint gonna save her reputation because that sank without trace when she wouldnt come clean about her pr stunt but will sell amongst her remaining followers and probably Bonamassa fans will go for it because she is Joes "Girl" but there isnt anything here to get the public interested all over again.
    Shame really because the potential was there but she missed her moment.


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