Thursday, March 05, 2009

All I Never Wanted


MY ALL-time favourite Kelly Clarkson moment was when, in 2004, she took part in the one-off World Idol competition, competing against winners of Pop Idol shows from around the world.
Instead of easily walking away with the competition - as she clearly had expected to do - she was beaten by the Norwegian Idol, who looked like more like Middle Earth Idol than World Idol material.
Her face looked like a slapped backside.
You'd have expected that Clarkson might have learnt from this experience, trying to stand out in a crowded field - but her new album, All I Ever Wanted, sees her trying to do just that.
The slick, driving power pop music isn't completely without merit, but it's just not as engaging as Katy Perry, as edgy as Pink, as cute as Miley Cyrus, it's not really anything.
And anyway, we've got enough on our plate in the UK trying to find work for all the Leon Jacksons and Chico Slimanis we churn out year on year, without American Idols coming over here as well.

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