Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Read all about it! Pete Doherty in album shocker!


IN A typically unkempt fashion, Grace/Wastelands sees grubby tabloid-baiter Pete Doherty stumbling through another batch of his creations, this time without his Babyshambles band.
All the usual hallmarks of the former Libertine are here - bedraggled guitar work, references to Albion etc - but tellingly the cover bears the name Peter, not Pete.
Because Grace/Wastelands, far from being staid, is probably his most focused work since his split with Carl Barat & co.
There's a lot of Last Shadow Puppets-style Bond theme influence, such as the string-soaked Broken Love Story and A Little Death Around The Eyes, which is co-written by Barat, and some sturdy efforts such as Palace Of Bone and 1939 Returning.
In fact, this LP is a timely reminder that despite Pete's supermodel splits and court appearances, Peter's still a credible musician.

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