Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bjorn, John and Peter's out


HAILING from the spiritual home of pop, Sweden, you'd expect established tunesmiths Peter, Bjorn And John's latest to be a chart-troubler.
But Living Thing, the group's fifth studio album, is too busy creating in a world of '80s influence - in minutes I had picked out echoes of acts including Erasure, Paul Simon, Depeche Mode and Phil Collins.
Now this fusion of old and new has so far received pretty good reviews across the board, but for me it's too clever for its own good.
Sure, their best known track, 2006's Young Folks, had chin-stroking undertones, but was it was so successful because basically it was a simple pleasure.
If they're not going to provide us with a few more tracks like that, as far as I'm concerned they can go whistle.

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