Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blatta the competition


CONFUZED 90s, a new series of EPs from Hell Yeah, sees '90s dance tracks revisited by contemporary artists.
For their first offering, Italian fidget house duo Blatta And Inesha take the reins, reworking tracks by Ramirez.
Now not knowingly having heard the originals - as I was either not paying attention and/or was incapable of paying attention had I perchance been in a club in the 1990s while they were playing - it's hard to compare.
But what I can vouch for is the four twisted tracks, El Ritmo Barbaro, Orgasmico, La Musika Tremenda and particularly Un Minuto Para Evacuar, sound fresher with every throb and thump, are are still well worthy of soundtracking a messy night of clubbing.

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