Friday, March 06, 2009

More carrot than stick from XRabit


TEXAN rappers DMG$, or to give them their racing name, Damaged Good$, are the rap equivolent of cock rock.
Cock hop, if you will.
To say their minds are in the gutter throughout Hello World, their collaborative LP with London-based German producer XRabit, would be an understatement - their minds are either grinding on the dancefloor or at it in a hotel room.
Thunderkats sums up the approach, needlessly sexing up cult cartoon Thundercats with unpredictable results.
Over some joyfully wonky beats, the pick being the single Ferris Bueller, on Hello World the pair come across as a randier version of Andre 3000 - and it's a great introduction to them and their flow.
Here's hoping they stick around.

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