Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shuttle's first launchpad


NINJA Tune newcomer Shuttle's first EP The Tunnel blasts off on Sunday.
A wide-eyed slice of enthusiastically throbbing synths and dubstep drums growing into a thumper of a beat, the title track shows off what is sure to become an astronomical talent in Shuttle, real name Etan Groundswell.
Only backed with the rumbling Rotton Guts, featuring Canadian rapper Cadance Weapon, then the rumbling Rotton Guts without Canadian rapper Cadance Weapon and a hefty High Rankin remix of the title track, the EP is a tad short.
But despite this, especially given the recent successes of artists like Burial, any dark, compelling dubstep of the quality of Shuttle's is sure to command the space it deserves.

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