Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mary quite contrary


IRISH stalwart singer songwriter Mary Coughlan wrote her latest album, The House Of Ill Repute, to exorcise her demons after the break-up of a 13-year relationship.
And as a result there are some of her trademark scarred outpourings - after all her 25-year career has taken in being penniless, homeless and alcohol dependent.
Luckily it's not all maudlin - in fact some of the demon-exorcising is quite fun, such as Bad.
A lot of the LP is more cabaret than her typical jazz, with Mary coming across as a sort of female cross between Shane Macgowan and a Parisien brothel madame.
It seems that Mary triumphs in the face of adversity - let's just hope something really, really bad happens to her before she puts out the next album.

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