Friday, March 20, 2009

One to remember from The Decemberists


THE Decemberists' supurb fifth studio album, The Hazards Of Love, is released on Monday - and there's no harm in falling head over heels for it.
However don't expect an album in the usual sense - this is not simply a collection of tracks, but a glorious whole.
Like a blind relay team, all the songs run into one another, with repeating musical themes as the album, a subtle undulating mix of folk, indie and rock, tells the tale of Margaret and her unconventional woodland lovelife.
Of course, there are still standout tracks - such as The Rake's Song and The Wanting Comes In Waves - but these potential singles are not singled out, but incorporated seamlessly.
An album that gives more and more away on every listen, the only hazard with The Hazards Of Love is that other albums may seem a little trifling by comparison.

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