Friday, March 27, 2009

Ashdowne on the up


DESPITE only taking their first tentative steps into the big leagues with debut A Warning To The Curious - which was recorded before the band were lined up by a record company - Ashdowne clearly don't lack ambition.
Recorded in a custom-built studio by the Mountsorrel and Leicester-based group, to say they like their songs big is like saying Shane MacGowan is partial to a drink.
The tracks on A Warning To The Curious lace their epic driving soft rock with strings, horns, pianos and even World War II news bulletins to stirring effect.
In fact, although this is the first offering from Ashdowne, perhaps the biggest compliment I can pay them is that A Warning To The Curious really sounds like the work of seasoned pros.
● Curious? You can already get the album as a digital download ahead of its release on Monday.

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