Friday, January 22, 2010



DESPITE a party promised by 1960s-tinged indie act Erland And The Carnival, the hotly-tipped newcomer's self-titled debut release was harder to celebrate than you would think.
After all as supergroups go, the line-up may be fair - with members boasting between them stints playing with The Verve, The Good The Bad And The Queen and Paul McCartney - but the lyricists plundered here include Leonard Cohen and even poet William Blake.
And true, there are some magnificent moments - especially the folkier 'hey nonny nonny' tracks - and when they up the tempo, such as on The Derby Ram, Everything Came Too Easy and Was You Ever See, you can see why this band is being paraded around by so many critics.
But as a whole, the group's psyche folk is as streets ahead as it's touted to be.

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