Thursday, January 14, 2010

Race Horses also-rans


PSYCHEDLIC Welsh indie rock band the Super Furrrr... sorry, Race Horses, have full length album Goodbye Falkenburg hot on the heels of last month's Man In My Mind.
And on their current form, it wouldn't be an outside bet for Race Horses to emulate the success of their aforementioned compatriots.
Brimming with ideas and invention - for example Man In My Mind was a just four tracks yet a concept EP exploring the theme of madness - the group use their oddball pop rock to cover tracks with subject matter as diverse as Intergalactic Space Rebellion, Discopigs, and Cake.
You get the picture - putting this album on is the musical version of opening one of those joke peanut tins full of colourful snakes that leap out at you unexpectedly.
And as I said before, I just wish that Race Horses could stick their blinkers on - there's a lot of goofing around going on, and a lot of the time it's to the detriment of the tunes.

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