Saturday, January 09, 2010

Psychonauty but nice


LISTENING to Songs For Creatures, the Psychonauts' album, was a voyage of re-discovery for me.
Because as I pressed play on groove-soaked opening number Circles, I thought: "This sounds familiar."
It should teach me to actually read the press releases that get sent out to me first - as although there's a new album cover here, the music is actually a re-release of the group's influential 2003 LP.
And throughout the album sections were jogging memories, whether through their inclusion on mixes and samples I've heard since, or through the many artists influenced by this work - cited by the likes of DJ Hell, James Lavelle and LCD Soundsystem, to name but three.
Voyaging seamlessly through an eclectic collection of genres such as house, electro, psychedelia, folk and funk, the pioneering dance album is well worth this timely reminder.

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