Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Phwoar Tet


AS YOU'D expect from any artist's seventh studio album, There Is Love In You, the latest from peculiar producer Four Tet, is polished stuff.
For some time it's been known that Four Tet, real name Kieran Hebden, twiddles knobs with the best of them, and here he presents some of his most seductive stuff to date, alluringly accessible yet as bewitchingly enigmatic as always.
But the album sees a new direction for Four Tet.
Warm tones smooth out his trademark IDM fiddling, and the background beats here are sultry and slow rather than skittering and angular as on previous efforts - with the whole album rising and falling like an orchestral movement.
If you don't fall for There Is Love In You, you have a heart of stone.

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