Friday, January 08, 2010

Twigg hard to stick to


CANADIAN Randy Twigg, who travelled to Germany to find success with her raucous sound, releases her debut album Undone in the UK next week - or should that be unleashes?
Because bass-plucker-and-synth-twiddler Twigg, and her drummer Andre Lange, deliver their electronic rock shtick like a punch to the gut - imagine a cross between Debbie Harry and Hulk Hogan. Got that? Now imagine them shouting dirty pop songs at you.
Sadly too much energy is expended on this loud and lairy approach, too often to the detriment of the music, which on nearly every track begins promisingly before heading off key and ending up just jarring.
Undone? Sadly, for most of the LP's duration I was left wishing it could be.

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