Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh No Ono a no no


OVEREGGS, not Eggs, should be the title of Oh No Ono's new album.
Because the Danish group overcook every track on their sophomore album, which was recorded in a mixture of studios and unusual locations such as churches, forests, beaches and abandoned factories.
It was probably more fun to make than it is to listen to.
Eggs is made up of bombastic operatic indie, scrambled up with wacky samples, cod-Beatles psychedelia and seemingly anything else the group stumbled upon during the nine-month-long recording process.
As a result, the messy Eggs is not worth shelling out on.


  1. totally disagree.

  2. That's not possible. For example, I state that the band are Danish - do you contest that point?

  3. what? Eggs is awesome - so much more depth in these recordings than 99% of what currently passes for pop music. They're brilliant live as well!


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