Friday, January 15, 2010

Hero's not so welcome


I WAS expecting pretty awesome things from Hero's Fires Of Beltain - mainly because of the incredible artwork, which features armoured archer monkeys on horseback, an inexplicable lion, some sort of dark lord with a really big sword, and lots and lots of fire.
And as storming metal opener Hey Hey Hey Hey rolled into Lying In The Closet, I thought I was onto a winner with the Canadian band.
Sadly, from these heights, it was all downhill - slower number Fires Of Beltain is followed by a brace of even slower numbers, with only the awful country-meets-pub rock of Hangover upping the tempo until the dying embers of the album.
Sadly, the likes of Sea Islands are too little too late - Hero? A bit of a bold statement if you ask me.

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