Monday, January 04, 2010

Planet into your collection


AFTER an amazing debut album, 2001's Discern/Define, nu funk band The Poets Of Rhythm sadly dropped off my radar - and now I know why.
For the German funk soul brothers behind the band, Jan and Max Weissenfeldt, have had more names than P Diddy since then - being known as Bo Baral’s Excursionists of Perception, Bus People Express, Dynamic Soundmakers, The Mercy Sluts, The Mighty Continentals Organized Raw Funk, The Pan-Atlantics, The Soul-Saints Orchestra, The Soul Sliders, Syrup, Das Geldene Zeitalter and The Woo Woos to name a few.
And now, under the title The Whitefield Brothers, they have a new LP out, Earthology.
Still as ruthlessly funky as ever - Earthology has more grooves than the surface of a James Brown vinyl - the album has an eclectic world music twist, as well as a jazz-like freedom to it.
This is welded together turntablist style with a choice handful of guest MCs, and of course mouth-wateringly dope hip hop beats.
Makes you proud to be an Earthling.

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