Saturday, January 02, 2010

Five favourites back for 2010

Hardcore metal act Dillinger Escape Plan are set to release a new album, Option Paralysis, on their own label in March, the follow-up to their awesome 2007 effort Ire Works.
Oxford band Foals are set to follow up Antidotes this year, which was one of the most exciting debuts in living memory.
Is it just me, or do you get the feeling Castle Donington band have an all-time classic in them? Could their forthcoming LP be it?

Expect big things from the producer's 2010 album The Colossus.
February release Odd Blood is already in contention for an Album Of The Year if the buzz can be believed.

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  1. UPDATE - no Late Of The Pier LP this year apparently, but their latest singles have been amazing.
    RJD2's was good - I reviewed it here - while Yeasayer's was alright but not as good as their debut.
    However Dillinger Escape Plan's is at least the equal of Ire Works, check it out, while judging by pre-release hype and teaser videos etc. Foals should be mindblowing.
    Not a bad bit of prophesizing then.


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