Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thinking big


THE return of RJD2 in the form of The Colossus is a mixed bag - but don't think from that description it's a massive disappointment.
Far from it, the producer, real name Ramble John Krohn, lays on enough fan-pleasing heavy slabs of his trademark beat-driven breaks, such as Giant Squid, Small Plans and Let There Be Horns.
But as the album progresses a new, soulful side shows itself, with a smattering of guest vocalists, such as Kenna, Phonte Coleman and Aaron Livingstone grooving over more subtle, upbeat cuts.
This new approach is put together masterfully, with a retro funk feel replacing the hip hop beats.
But, just as when DJ Shadow went crunk for half of The Outsider, I know which side of The Colossus I prefer RJD2's foot to be planted on.

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