Monday, January 25, 2010



THE fact the Ke$ha spells her name with a dollar sign makes it even harder to see her music as anything other than a cynical exercise in producing pop.
Because Animal, for the most part, sounds like Lady Gaga doing Katy Perry.
The pumping dance pop from former Flo Rida backing singer Ke$ha is contrived, gimmick-laden and low-rent - tracks like Back$tabber and Ki$$ And Tell are like episodes of The Jerry Springer Show on vocoders.
However with unashamedly wild tracks like Tik Tok and Your Love Is My Drug - which pleasingly ends with the line "I like your beard" - OTT brat Ke$ha will still no doubt go on to have more hits than a website dedicated to pictures of Lady Gaga doing Katy Perry.

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