Monday, January 11, 2010

Scene should be heard


BLOCKHEAD'S new album The Music Scene shows that the New York-based artist is no simpleton.
For the hip hop producer and long-time Aesop Rock collaborator, real name Anthony Simon, has crafted his most accomplished, intricate solo collection yet with his fourth studio album.
His always-irresistible break beats are coloured here with a broad palette of samples.
However there's no cut and paste here - everything is firmly fused together with dense, rich and thoughtful production - for example take opener It's Raining Clouds, which segways from a soulful hip hop stomp into world music territory before ending on a full-throttle rave-up.
Epic and engaging, to miss out on this Blockhead LP would be idiotic.

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  1. Blockhead has some quality produced music that i enjoyed listening to.


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