Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blog hog

THIS is just a quick post to say that if this site just isn't enough for you, the Not Pop Jukebox has kindly let me guest post over at their blog today.
Click here to read my musings on cover versions, such as John Lydon's Dark Side Of The Moon masterplan, and have a listen to my jukebox recommendations.
And if anyone else out there is brave or foolish enough to let me guest post at their site, please drop me an e-mail or comment below - I dare you...


  1. Hey, no arguments here!
    The Dark Side of the Moon I an amazing album. I honestly think it'd have to a rather talented band to even try to cover their material. Pink Floyd definitely knew how to make a great album. I honestly wish they composed more, if for nothing else, just for their fans! But what do you think of the album? Do you think the album and an underlying message?

  2. In my opinion, Dark Side Of The Moon would have a strong claim for best album of all time - it's got it all.
    It's intelligent, musically way ahead of its time, influential and never sounds old.
    Not sure I'd want John Lydon having a crack at it - I recommend the Easy Star All-Stars cover of it, Dub Side Of The Moon.


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