Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nice folk


MARRIED couple and folk duo Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou are touring village halls including Quorn's on February 12 to promote their self-titled album.
And these venues couldn't be more apt - as the music here evokes vivid memories of a rural England, of market towns and of allotments and country walks, memories that you can almost smell.
Not that it's all as twee as that sounds - although the opening trio of Allotment Song, One Wednesday In June and England really are.
For as the album progresses a mournful tone creeps in, with Hannah-Lou's warble and Trevor Moss's Bob Dylan-ish tone intertwining over acoustic, slow folk compositions - although I'm still uncertain after several listens how well these sounds gel.
Nevertheless, I would be very surprised if the likes of Quorn Village Hall has a better gig on this year.

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