Friday, February 05, 2010

Built To Spill doesn't fulfill


LONG-running rock band Built To Spill's new album is called There Is No Enemy.
And listening to the LP, the Idaho band's seventh studio outing, I would suggest that perhaps something to rail against might do them some favours.
Because the only track here where they group have fire in their bellies, the relatively-brief Pat, is the only one which stands out.
That's not to say that Built To Spill aren't masters of their craft - frontman Doug Martsch's distinctive vocals drip with character, while all tracks here are excellent vehicles for the group's extensive, serene David Gilmour-style classic rock soloing.
And I have to say, I really do enjoy this album.
The problem is that on There Is No Enemy, each track runs into another creating an amorphous mass of pleasant rock - the result being after the album draws to a close, the ability to recall any of it just runs away.

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