Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tamikrest assured


SAHARAN sensations Tamikrest, much like the successful Tinariwen, have made it their aim of bringing the Tamasheq culture of countries such as Mali, Algeria and Niger to the world.
And I have to say, it's a pretty new sound to me - with only the aforementioned Tinariwen to compare and contrast with.
And in juxtaposition, Tamikrest's mixture of Tamasheq music is a more youthful, more traditional take on the music of Saharan Africa, with less blues and rock influence than trailblazers Tinariwen, and more energy to the rhythms, as well as those distinctive throat calls - which I really wish I knew how to do.
As a result, to my Western ears, it's the more bluesy section in the middle of the album, the pick of which is the foreboding Aratane N'Adagh, I found the easiest to connect with, sitting here in snowy Leicestershire.
Thta's not to say I wouldn't like to become more familiar with these sounds - and now with a two pronged attack on Western ears, Tamasheq music could be poised for a boom over the next few years.

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