Monday, February 01, 2010

Heligo buy it


AS IS expected of a Massive Attack LP, Heligoland, the group's fifth studio album, boasts an all star cast - and the result is as stellar as the trip hop group have ever sounded.
Horace Andy, Damon Albarn, Guy Garvey, Portishead, Martina Topley-Bird, Beak>, Tunde Adebimpe and more line-up for the LP, each adding a distinct flavour.
The weight of expectation has hung heavy over this release, a brooding, late-night masterpiece - and as a result, it takes time for it to click just how stunning this record is.
But make no bones, it is a worthy and progressive addition to one of the strongest back-catalogues out there - each track a slow-burning epic in it's own right, the picks of the bunch being opening duo Pray For Rain and Babel, Paradise Circus and Rush Minute.
With time, in Heligoland, Massive Attack will be proven to have once more hit the target.

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