Monday, February 22, 2010

Eyeing up Polar Bear


YOU really should keep 'em peeled for Peepers release next week - because post-jazz band Polar Bear's sound should have 'em out on stalks once more.
After their expansive, experimental and eponymous Polar Bear in 2008, the London group have put their blinkers on and crafted as honed a collection as their breakthrough Held On The Tips Of Fingers, which earned a Mercury Music Prize nomination in 2005.
Gone are the spacey sound effects and ten-minute inpenetrable freak-outs - replaced by tight grooves on Peepers and Hope Every Day Is A Happy New Year, frantic interludes like Bump and Scream, and evocative explorations like Finding Our Feel and A New Morning Will Come.
As a result, whether you're a purist or more experimental in your vision of jazz, Peepers is an LP that's worth a look.

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