Tuesday, February 16, 2010



LONDON group Nedry's debut LP Condors sees the trio flying high.
Nevertheless the album's sound is decidedly down - with the most obvious comparison being the menacing electronica of Swedes The Knife.
To this they add swathes of dubstep beats, as well as touches of brooding, neurotic trip hop courtesy of vocalist Ayu Okakita and a splash of post-rock invention.
Much as The xx did last year, Nedry bring the sounds of the London scene to a new market - and if Condors is the sound of dubstep preying on other genres, post-dubstep if you will, long may it continue.


  1. yeah I really do enjoy this album, it's smoked out and mellow but i'm not sure if you can really compare it to the xx...

  2. I realise The xx and Nedry are very different animals, the point is that both are fusing dubstep elements with other genres, to bring the sound to a larger audience.


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