Thursday, February 25, 2010



SAMBASSADEUR, with these albums, you are really boring us.
Okay, maybe a bit harsh on European, the Swedish group's third LP, but hey, once I thought about that Ferrero Rocher advert I couldn't not write it - I'll try and be a bit more diplomatic from here on.
Because their twee pop sound does have some fantastic elements to it - such as the glorious production, with bathes the whole album with lush, dreamy orchestral arrangements and tinkling pianos.
The problem is this sheen is stacked on the foundation of the below-par trio of their over-enthusiastic drummer, their under-enthusiastic singer, and the relentless strumming of their rhythm guitarist who sounds like he's been salvaged from some '90s indie band like Lightning Seeds or Dodgy.
The result is that while Europe is a pleasant experience, it's doesn't even border on being interesting enough to be anything other than background music.

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