Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rabbit on form


THE Winter Of Mixed Drinks sees Frightened Rabbit as emotional as ever - although perhaps anguished rabbit or tormented rabbit might be a more appropriate moniker.
Because every ounce of the Scottish indie band's third album is drenched in sweat and tears and feeling.
And since their breakthrough The Midnight Organ Fight the group's rock, with its subtle tinges of folk and even subtler hooks, has grown so big that I'm unsure whether the CD will fit in my rack.
As a result there's no room for any acoustic interludes here, bar the Man/Bag Of Sand reprise of the awesome Swim Until You Can't See Land - just draining epic after draining epic, with mournful vocals, marching rhythms and thrumming guitars, strings and organs.
So I'll raise a toast to The Winter Of Mixed Drinks, which sounds like a band in season - just lay off the spirits while listening to it or it'll end in tears.

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